This series of black & white photographs derive from a procedure which, in different ways explores Polaroid Type 55 negative/positive film. Underpinning my work is interest in developing a technique where the structural integrity of the large format negative can be intentionally compromised and eroded. The instant quality of Polaroid opens the possibility for me, at the point of taking the images in the field, to push the optical-chemical adaptation I am interested in. Having instant feedback also provides me with the ability to make fine compositional and exposure adjustments to how the objects or scene in front of my camera render in the image. By pushing the film beyond its natural manufactured limits I am aiming to invite a dialogue on both the processes/experiences of decay that are evident in the natural world and the chemical decay manifest in the image itself. This mirroring of a natural/man-made world in a constant state of change and decay aligned to image itself in a state of change and decay is central to my practice.

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