A series of images are printed using Polaroid film negatives that were buried in the ground making up the original subject of each photograph. I wanted to go beyond traditional Landscape Photography by giving control of the final image composition to the land itself. Thus the landscape takes an active, rather than the traditional passive, role in determining the final image. More specifically, the microorganisms within the soil are partially responsible for creating the composition of the final image by their action of decomposition. Therefore the process of decomposition is captured visually on the film, becoming the subject of the final image. Locations have been chosen that represent differing soil environments to explore the effect that these have upon the physical nature of the negative film. All these elements producing the end result of this exploration, lead to the question whether the final images should be called a ‘photograph’ and subsequent invention of the new term ‘Phototerragram’ to fully describe my abstract and conceptual work.

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Phototerragram of Old Limepit